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االغة الجميلة [entries|friends|calendar]
اللغة العربيّة

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´´по Гендеру´´ [03 Jul 2013|03:25pm]

Оригинал взят у abd_alwakhead в ´´по Гендеру´´
Термин ´´по Гендеру´´ вызывает у меня ухмылку своей дерзостью и невежеством ...  .
Атака на семью ,по-моему, может повысить спрос на мусульман.Слабая половина - они сентиментальны, их Гендером не убедишь.Похоже, проект - Исламский Рим движется к своей реализации ин ша Аллах.
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если кому интересно! [13 Sep 2010|01:21pm]


Легкий способ выучить арабский язык
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Multilingual dictionary of idioms [09 Sep 2010|10:53am]

Do you know what an English idiom push up daisies mean? Well, now with WikIdioms, you can know in no time. WikIdioms is a new collaborative effort of translators and language lovers who have created first Internet multilingual dictionary of idiomatic expressions. It is both useful and fun! Everyone can also contribute expressions that he knows. Visit WikIdioms, educate yourself, translate idioms, contribute, have fun!

Idiom translation is one hardest translation-related tasks. Idioms cannot be translated literally, as it will result in non-sense. In order to translate an idiom one should find the equivalent expression in the second language. It requires deep familiarity with the language and knowing the specifics of its metaphorical speech. WikIdioms is in fact a multilingual dictionary of idioms, created by native language speakers.

You can find a lot of Arabic idioms translated to English and vice versa.
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Urgent essay problems - tutor not helpful! [23 Mar 2010|01:21pm]

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If this kind of post is not permitted then I apologise, and mods please delete!

I have a very big problem. I have a deadline of tomorrow to submit my 150 word beginners Arabic written assessment which is all fine and dandy, as I wrote it last week and e-mailed it on Friday to my lecturer for proofreading, something she has agreed to do for everybody. However, she has categorically failed to get back to me, despite the fact I've sent her four e-mails in total (one asking if she'd managed to read it yet!) from two different e-mail accounts, and I've tried to call the university several times to no avail as she never seems to be around.

I'm asking therefore if anybody would be able to proofread my essay for me in the next 24 hours. It's a very basic piece of work since it's for a beginner's class but I desperately need a second pair of eyes to look at it and make sure I haven't made too many glaring errors. Please help, as I really do NOT want to submit a piece of work which hasn't had any input from a fluent speaker. I'm going out of my mind with worry!

X-posted to arabic

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Hello to all [19 Mar 2010|05:23pm]


My name is Victoria and I'm currently learning Arabic (or trying to!) via a night class held at a local university. I'm just coming to the end of my first year and it's very slowly starting to click, as I discovered when I finished the first draft of my written assessment piece and realised that I had managed to pull together 148 words in Arabic. It's not a lot but it's a start! And now to study for my listening exam on Wednesday...

On that note, are there any websites people would recommend for beginners? I've found several Arabic resources online, much to my delight, but obviously I'd like something which is generally acknowledged to be reputable and consisting of MSA (of the ones I've found, several don't seem to be in MSA but I could be wrong there). Any help/guidance would be very much appreciated!
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[10 Dec 2009|03:13pm]

Hi everyone. I started taking Arabic about half a year ago with a Lebanese teacher. It's going pretty well so far, and sometimes we crack a song or two by the Algerian singer Rachid Taha. However, last week we ran across a song that my Lebanese mentor failed to translate or even make out the lyrics of. I can't find any explanation for that except the song being in a local Algerian dialect of some sort. Perhaps somebody here could listen to it and write down the words for me? The lyrics themselves are short, and translation is not needed. Thanks for your help.

День добрый!
Уже полгода изучаю - вполне успешно - арабский с преподавателем из Ливана. Периодически мы с ним переводим песни любимого мною алжирца Рашида Тахи (Rachid Taha). Не так давно мы дошли до песни Nokta (вероятно, 'nuqta'). И тут мой ливанец сдался - он не только не может перевести слова, но даже не может их расслышать. Может быть, это какой-то нечеловеческий диалект?
Поэтому обращаюсь к сообществу с просьбой: может быть кто-нибудь сумеет различить и записать слова (по-арабски или латиницей)? Их там очень немного - секунд 40. Перевод не нужен. Заранее спасибо.
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As-Salamy aleicum wa rahmatulah wa baracatuh! [11 Oct 2009|08:01pm]


أنا الروسي ولقد قبلت الاسلام وأسلم. انا سنية. لسنوات عديدة درست الدين الإسلامي واللغة العربية.
مهنتي طبيب. أنا لست عضوا في أي من الأحزاب السياسية في روسيا.
بلدي بلوق أنشئت لدراسة الدين الإسلامي واللغة العربية.
النصوص الواردة في مذكرات مكتوبة باللغتين العربية والروسية
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Levantine Arabic [17 Jul 2009|12:43pm]

In Palestinian or Lebanese Arabic, is there a word or expression equivalent to "bhai" or "yaar" in Hindi -- something which means "brother" or "friend" but which men who've never met call each other on the street to get one another's attention?
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Mintaka [29 Jan 2009|04:13pm]

Hi all, I've got a question about a specific word. (I'm posting this in several groups so I can get a couple of responses. I hope I don't bug anyone :-)

I have a favorite star (dorky I know :-), and I'm interested in what astrological Web sites call the "traditional" name, Mintaka.

Wikipedia says:
"Delta Orionis (δ Ori), traditionally known as Mintaka (from منطقة manţaqah, which means "belt" in Arabic) [1], is a star some 900 light years distant in the constellation Orion. "

  • Does 'Mintaka' *sound right* to an Arabic speaker?
    • What is the difference between 'Mintaka' and 'manţaqah' if any?
    • Any hints on pronunciation of either or both words?
    • Are there any other meanings or words closely related or that sound the same that might be embarrassing if using the word with an Arabic speaker?

    Thanks in advance, folks!
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[12 Jan 2009|01:52pm]

Dear community members, would you please help to translate to Arabic (in Arabic letters) the following short text:

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!
If you kill a Jew, you become a Jew.
If you destroy Israel, you become Israel.

And: how you write in Arabic letters the name: Allah?

Thank you so much!

Уважаемые участники сообщества, могли бы Вы помочь перевести и записать арабским шрифтом следующий короткий текст:

Во имя Аллаха, милостивого, милосердного!
Если ты убиваешь еврея, ты становишься евреем.
Если ты убиваешь Израиль, ты становишься Израилем.

И как записывается на арабском слово: Аллах ?
Заранее большое спасибо.
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Транскрипция на арбском. Помогите разобраться. [14 Dec 2008|09:55pm]

Подскажите пожалуйста транскрипцию слова "Мемфис" на арабском языке?  Есть город Гиза  и город Мемфис. Многие люди утверждают, что это один и тот же город, только Мемфис это египетская транскрипция, а Гиза - арабская. Но в картах они стоят не в одной точке, а на расстоянии как два города. Но не может быть "Г" и "М" они же разные буквы, а другие города,  я видела греческую и египетскую транскрипцию, то первые буквы всегда одинаковы.

Подскажите как слово "Мемфис" и слово "Гиза"  пишутся на арабском и как оно произносятся на арабском?
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Need help [11 Nov 2008|10:34pm]

Could you help me to find the works on arabic lexicology (or lexicography) in English or in Arabic. Maybe you know the web sites where I can get the books in pdf? Modern arabic lexicology and ancient.
Any information would be highly apreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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got a question [09 Oct 2008|10:48pm]


Does anyone know what it says here?

thanx in advance
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Translation help [02 Jul 2008|08:31am]

Can someone explain to me what the Arabic writing on this T-shirt says?

Also, if anyone knows anything about Arab TV, please let me know what TV show the image comes from and what's going on in the image.

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quick question [13 Jan 2008|11:13pm]

How would you say, "Can you show me where the womens entrance is(in the masjid)?" with Egyptian dialect?

I'm going back to Egypt this summer, and just saying "عايزة أصلي" to any random people outside isn't enough.
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sh3shbon?? [12 Jan 2008|02:38pm]

what does it mean to call someone a "شعشبون"?
does it mean spider? and what does it mean in slang, like "ya sh3shbon"?
i think it means something bad but i want to know!

Also-- while i'm at it. I lived in nablus for 7 months and no one told me exactly what that "ifda7 3rdak" means. i asked many times.. does anyone know? whatever if it's horrible, what does it mean exactly? ifda7 is like to cause a scandal, 3rd does that mean in context something like your torso? if anyone knows do tell-- the gory/racy details AND the etymology, if you please!

merci kter!
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[16 Oct 2007|01:33pm]

Hi? does anybody knows were can I find some arabic words about computer and internet?

Thanks an advance.
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[24 Aug 2007|11:03am]

господа, где сейчас есть хорошие интенсивные курсы арабского в москве?
не с начального уровня.
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Hahahaha in Arabic [03 Aug 2007|03:25pm]

'assalaam aleikum!

How does one write the word "laughter" in Arabic? Also, how does one write "hahaha" in arabic? I am betting it isn't حاحاحاحا. Hehe.

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