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االغة الجميلة

اللغة العربيّة
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اهلاً وسهلاً

This is a community for speakers and learners of Arabic to communicate in Arabic and to practice the language. Thus all posts should be in Arabic, whether that be in Arabic script, or Latin transcription. All dialects of Arabic are welcome as well as Classical and MSA. The purpose of this community is to provide a forum in which arabophones can exchange ideas in and have discussions in Arabic. Discussions about Arab culture, music, literature, film, and issues concerning the Arab world are particularly welcom. This community has no political agenda, although political topics will be permitted as well as any others. If you are a learner of the Arabic language and are looking for a place to practice your language, as well as get help and feedback, then please check out this community. Although this community does not want to exclude anybody or discriminate based on Arabic ability. So, whether you are a native speaker who is just looking for a haven of Arabic on the English dominated livejournal, or if you are someone just starting out Arabic and are looking for a place to practice your reading and writing skills, then please join. All are welcome. I, optimussven, am the moderator, and feel free to direct any questions to me.

Just a few simple rules:

1. If it is long or contains a lot of pics/graphics, CUT IT!

2. Please keep the pimping of your own websites to a minimum.

3. This community has no political or religious affiliation. Arabic is a language of people of all faiths and political leanings. While discussions (preferably in Arabic) on religion or politics will be tolerated, any proselytizing or political propaganda will not. Be warned.

4. I would like to ask that if you have very simple questions about Arabic, or want to know how to say something in Arabic, then direct your questions to the good people at arabic, of which I am also a member.