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Urgent essay problems - tutor not helpful!


If this kind of post is not permitted then I apologise, and mods please delete!

I have a very big problem. I have a deadline of tomorrow to submit my 150 word beginners Arabic written assessment which is all fine and dandy, as I wrote it last week and e-mailed it on Friday to my lecturer for proofreading, something she has agreed to do for everybody. However, she has categorically failed to get back to me, despite the fact I've sent her four e-mails in total (one asking if she'd managed to read it yet!) from two different e-mail accounts, and I've tried to call the university several times to no avail as she never seems to be around.

I'm asking therefore if anybody would be able to proofread my essay for me in the next 24 hours. It's a very basic piece of work since it's for a beginner's class but I desperately need a second pair of eyes to look at it and make sure I haven't made too many glaring errors. Please help, as I really do NOT want to submit a piece of work which hasn't had any input from a fluent speaker. I'm going out of my mind with worry!

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