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Fire Breathing Monster Jesus


Hi all, I've got a question about a specific word. (I'm posting this in several groups so I can get a couple of responses. I hope I don't bug anyone :-)

I have a favorite star (dorky I know :-), and I'm interested in what astrological Web sites call the "traditional" name, Mintaka.

Wikipedia says:
"Delta Orionis (δ Ori), traditionally known as Mintaka (from منطقة manţaqah, which means "belt" in Arabic) [1], is a star some 900 light years distant in the constellation Orion. "

  • Does 'Mintaka' *sound right* to an Arabic speaker?
    • What is the difference between 'Mintaka' and 'manţaqah' if any?
    • Any hints on pronunciation of either or both words?
    • Are there any other meanings or words closely related or that sound the same that might be embarrassing if using the word with an Arabic speaker?

    Thanks in advance, folks!
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